1. Use of unstabilized condensate

May 20th, 2010

Gas production on the Norilskneftegazprom includes associate production of natural gas liquids and unstabilized gas condensate. The Company, however, has found no possibilities to use it. At first sight, it seemed like it would be less expensive to burn the production than to use it.

We have examined different alternatives of use of “excess” hydrocarbons: power generation, production of motor fuels, their fractionation to the package of commercial products. We have performed marketing studies and examination of various possible ways to deliver the condensate to end consumers.

As a result, we carried out the cost-effectiveness justification of construction of a processing plant, determined the requirements to the equipment and offered a list of manufacturers of the required equipment.

The company made the decision on the construction, and this project was successfully realized. The condensate, which was burned before, is now supplied to European consumer via the Northern Sea Route.