Reconstruction of transport enterprises for the use of CNG

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 9 11 2017

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The draft law on toughening the responsibility for selling low-quality fuel

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 30 10 2017

Last week, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill toughening responsibility for the implementation of low-quality fuel in the Russian Federation. Federal Law No. 206545-7 establishes “negotiable fines” for the sale of low-quality fuel (the project was developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation at the initiative of Rosstandart).
A new type of administrative penalty is envisaged – a fine in the form of 1% of the revenue received from the sale of motor fuel for the year preceding the year of the violation (“turnaround”). For a repeated violation when selling poor-quality motor fuel, a fine of 2 million rubles may be imposed. or in the form of suspension of the enterprise for up to 90 days with confiscation of the offense.
Separately, the draft law specifies liability for violations that are related to the sale of fuels with physical and chemical properties that do not meet the established requirements. Penalty for violating the rules of marking or informing consumers about the characteristics of fuel will range from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

Experience in optimizing fuel supply systems for enterprises

 4 4 2017

Owners and managers of enterprises, whose activities are related to the use of trucks and special equipment, it is well known that the main cost in its operation are fuel, lubricants and costs associated with repair. The task of reducing costs associated with the purchase and consumption of fuels and lubricants is relevant in the case of a real desire to improve the efficiency of the production process. There are a number of fairly simple but effective mechanisms and measures that allow cutting down the cost of consumed fuel, not in words but in deeds, without damage to production.

(Русский) О недостаточности автоматизации учетных операций системы топливного обеспечения

 3 4 2017

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(Русский) Завершен проект комплексного обследования и развития топливозаправочной инфраструктуры ГУП «Мосгортранс»

 1 4 2016

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(Русский) Консультанты Аналитической группы ЭРТА провели топливный аудит ГУП «Мосгортранс»

 22 5 2014


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