Analytical work

March 24th, 2010

ERTA Group was founded by graduates of the Institute of Physics and Technology; so, strong analytical skills are a must in our HR policy. Analytical work is a base of all our activities; all we do for the fuel and energy complex, transport, and other industries.

Sometimes, we solve complex and challenging tasks beyond the industrial specifics. Why do we agree to find solutions? The problem, for instance, may lie at the interface of sectors which are familiar to us; it may be interesting by its scale, or we have set confidential relations with a client in the course of previous projects. But the core reason is that it enriches our experience, helps us to think big, beyond the industrial dogmas.

Project samples:

  • Decision-making support for the Board of Directors;
  • Expert analysis of business plans, for example, in the textile industry;
  • Support of realization of the Kyoto Protocol procedures;
  • Outsourcing of non-core businesses, organization of non-core assets selling;
  • Regular work on project approval by departments of a large natural monopoly.