March 24th, 2010

One of specific features of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex is substantial influence of the state. That is why ERTA Groups activities inevitably include the works concerning the issues of state regulation and interrelations between the state and the industrial players:

  • Elaboration of Statutory Instrument concepts for the fuel and energy complex;
  • Creation of mathematical models and calculations concerning tariff making;
  • State programs progress monitoring.

In addition to a set of companies and public organizations, ERTA Group is continuously rendering the consulting services to practically all state power bodies related to the fuel and energy complex:

  • the RF Ministry of Energy (Minenergo);
  • the RF Ministry of Economical Development (Mineconomrazvitiya);
  • the RF Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS);
  • the State Reserves Commission (SRC) under the RF Ministry of Natural Resources;
  • the RF Federal Tariffs Service (FTS);
  • Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

Among numerous works performed by us in the field of state regulation, we can name the following:

  • The Company’s partners were elaborating the regulatory base for the gas pipelines access system existing in Russia (main as well as distribution pipelines);
  • The Company prepared the Concept for Development of the Domestic Liquefied Gas Market (approved by the Resolution №908-r of the RF Government on July 3, 2003);
  • By request of the Mineconomrazvitiya of Russia, we performed a study on the Russian participation in the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT);
  • By request of the RAO UES of Russia, the Company developed a concept of long-term gas market contracts;
  • ERTA Group created the existing tariff calculation method for gas transportation through main gas lines;
  • Performance of a state contract for monitoring and realization of the Eastern Gas program in the interests of the RF Ministry of Energy;
  • By request of FTS of Russia, the mathematical model of electric power and capacity balance was created;
  • By request of Minenergo, the concept of termination of state gas price regulation by means of transition to a unified transport tariff was elaborated.