March 24th, 2010

Our activities in this field started with elaboration of the tariff method for mainline gas transportation. Currently, we:

  • Create tariff calculation methods for complex distributed networks (Russian Railroads, Transneft);
  • Perform examination of expenditures to set justified tariffs;
  • Solve transport problems in their general sense: we find optimal routes and means of transportation.

Our company has developed a unique model of the Russian gas transportation system. This model allows expert assessment of the current load of the system in the daily mode, analysis and forecasting of the loading dynamics of particular pipelines. One of the areas where this model can be used is analysis of critical gas pipelines’ loading modes (e.g. operation in the conditions of sharply increased gas demand due to extremely low temperatures).

Project samples:

For the Russian Railroads JSC, we:

  • Justified the necessity of a method of exclusive and local tariffs;
  • Assessed feasibility of creation of the Central Directorate of Track Machines;
  • Developed and implemented the environmental strategy.

For Transneft, we:

  • Developed network tariff-making principles;
  • Performed the assessment of changes in the supply streams after startup of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline;
  • Performed the investment feasibility assessment of the main pipelines system.

For SG-Trans JSC:

  • Our Company’s partner holds a set in the Strategic Planning Committee under the Board of the Directors.